Kick-Off to Bike to Work Week

May 17, 2011 at 8:18 pm Leave a comment

It's National Haul Flowers to Work by Bike Week (no it isn't, but it should be).

On Monday the Sweetpea and I rolled up to the dentist’s office, passing a couple of SUVs in the staff parking lot, and chained up at a railing in the back.  I carried my helmet and panniers inside, wondering what the response would be to imposing my sweaty self on health care workers.

Checking in at the reception desk, I announced that I’d ridden my bike in honor of  National Bike to Work Week and asked where they wanted me to stash my gear.  Then I braced for strange looks and whispered asides.  Instead, the staff exclaimed to each other excitedly, “She rode her bike here!”  They asked me how far I rode, was it challenging, had I done it before, and where was I riding next.  One of them described how much she enjoyed her exercise bike and we talked about how cycling outdoors is more difficult.  Another asked about my route, hinting she’d thought about riding to work herself.  All in all, it was a happy encounter and an effective way to proselytize on bicycling.

That was my official kick-off to Bike to Work Week 2011, although cycle-commuting is pretty much always practiced in the Spoked household.   A special commemoration isn’t needed to convince you to do what you already love.  Here are just three of my current favorite reasons to love biking to work:

1.  The gaggle of junior high girls who encourage me every morning from their bus stop.  Thanks, kids, you’re the best.  Why can’t more adults be like you?

2.  The incredible sunrises nearly every day, along with crisp air, woodpeckers pounding away at trees in the park, and pretty much all of Mother Nature’s finery at its dewy best.

3.  Being happy when I arrive at work.  The grumbly part comes later.

So Bike to Work Week, I’m glad you exist.  You’re not going to change my habits much, but if you encourage someone new to take up cycle-commuting, you’ve done your job.

30 Days of Biking challenge:  45 consecutive days so far.


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A Natural Cyclist Crossing the Divide

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