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Last week, the word “hardcore” was applied to me for the first time in my hearing. How droll.

I thought about the word again a couple of days ago while riding back-and-forth on the street in front of our house.  In the rain.  With a fever.  Just so I could say I’d ridden 30 consecutive days.

Hardcore, that’s funny.

This is how the Spoked household defines the term.

Hardcore –noun
1.  any cyclist who rides harder/faster/longer than we do.

Therefore, it is patently impossible for us to admit to being hardcore because the word applies only to others.  Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re planning our next ride across a state.

30 Days of Biking, week 3:

Apr. 17:  Errands, including mailing the tax returns
Apr. 18:  Work commute
Apr. 19:  Work commute
Apr. 20:  Work commute
Apr. 21:  Work commute
Apr. 22:  Work commute
Apr. 23:  Farmers market, bank, breakfast, group ride inside town


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Lunchless Thursday A Natural Cyclist

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I don't bicycle for a living, but I do bicycle to live. It's that simple.

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