The Consequences of Bicycling

August 16, 2010 at 7:24 pm Leave a comment

August 15, 2010
Total mileage: 2,089

Herb garden with attitude

Herb garden with attitude

The negative consequences of  bicycling include occasional crashes, neglect of family and friends, and–as the Spoked household has recently discovered–a garden so overgrown the neighbors could report us for code violations.

We had the best intentions about the garden back in May, and it was in great shape when we left home for our first ride of the season–the Cottonwood 200 over Memorial Day weekend.  Three great days spent with bicycling friends in the beautiful Flint Hills, how could you be sorry about that?

June began the following week.  We were away from home all four weekends that month–two on BRAN and two for TRIRI–plus the weekdays in between.  It turned out to be one of the wettest Junes on record for this part of the world. All that rain fed the plants but it also powered up the weeds.  By the end of BRAN our backyard was looking rough, and by the end of TRIRI it was positively scary.

The first weekend in July was the holiday, and we left town again to spend the Fourth with our neglected family.  That brought the total to six successive weekends away from home.

By the time we finally stashed away the tent, summer had a firm hold on the atmosphere.  All that heat and humidity jump-started the mosquitoes.  They descended on the neighborhood in swarms.  No spray, lotion, or OFF clip-on mosquito repelling fan could keep them away from human flesh.  Yuck.

Recently we’ve had multiple days of 100°F or higher temperatures.   The last thing we’ve wanted to do was to garden.  But the heat wave finally broke this past weekend, with a high on  Sunday of only 88°F.  And that is why, gentle reader, I decided to choose gardening over bicycling.

Total for the week:  only 67 miles.  But the neighbors can once again stroll  our sidewalks without their ankles tangling in nettles.  Maybe they won’t call the City about us after all.


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